NO Martial Arts experience needed.

Change your life and the lives of hundreds of others.

Being a Savage Martial Arts Instructor is far more than teaching how to perform flying kicks.  In fact, that's just a very small part of what being an instructor is all about.  The truth is that our instructors help develop as many non-physical skills as they do physical.  At the very heart of what we teach is discipline, respect and a drive to be the very best, and that's what we expect from our instructors - the very best!

You'll have a unique opportunity to teach the skills that prepare children and a adults for the world we live in, knowing you've made a difference to both their mental and physical wellbeing.

A career with unlimited earning potential.

A Savage Martial Arts Instructor is truly a member of the family, not an employee.  This isn't a job, it's a way of life that offers uncapped earnings doing the thing you love.

Our instructors share in the profits from each of our classes so we all share in the success we build together as a team.  There is no cap what you can earn, and the more classes you teach the more you'll take home each month.

You can chose to teach as little or often as you like and at the outset teaching can be combined with your day job; however, you'll soon realise that the opportunities for earning potential as a Savage Martial Arts instructor will be far greater than you can achieve working an average day job.

No experience required, just a drive to succeed.

The only belt you'll need to join us as an instructor is the one holding up your jeans.  We're not looking for black belt instructors, in fact you honestly do not need a jot of Martial Arts experience to be a success.  The most important thing is a desire and will to succeed.

When you join our family of instructors you'll be inducted to the Savage University where you'll receive all your training completely free.  There's no catch or no hidden payment but we only work with people that are committed to changing their lives, building a better community and teaching to the very highest standards.

Initial training us just six weeks, after which you'll be accredited to start teaching and of course start earning from your new found skills.

No Martial Arts experience needed.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you looking for instructors in Spain?
Due to the amazing success of the Savage Martial Arts schools in the UK and Ireland we've taken the bold and challenging decision to bring our award winning brand of Martial Arts to Europe and Spain is just the first stop.
Where in Spain are you recruiting instructors from?
Initially our Spanish HQ will be near Alicante so we expect our first schools to open in the Valencia and Murcia regions, but we have big plans and we know our model works anywhere we can find high quality instructors.
Do I need to speak Spanish?
Our brand is clearly very British but our plans are global so language will always play an important part of our recruitment process.  It would be ideal if you could speak both Spanish and English, but other personal qualities and skills are just as important.  Don't let a lack of either English or Spanish hold you back from applying if you feel you have something to offer us.
What hours would I need to work?
The days and times for each of our schools will vary and are very often tailored to fit around the existing commitments of our instructors.  Typically however we suggest our instructors commit to 8-10 hours a week, usually worked over a few evenings a week.
Is it all legal and above board?
Absolutely!  Savage Martial Arts is a well respected and long established brand.  Our intentions are to dominate the Martial Arts world across the globe and you can't do that without ensuring you are fully legal in all of the territories you operate in.  Compliance with local regulations, employment law and taxation is taken very seriously.
So I really don't need any prior Martial Arts experience?
No, you don't.  Full training will be offered to the correct people.  If you have a professional attitude, desire to learn, improve and succeed then we want to hear from you. 

Do something amazing today!

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